Microsoft’s E3 2016 Xbox event in 8 minutes

The Xbox One S and Project Scorpio were the standouts of an E3 2016 event that underscored Microsoft’s new direction — a purposeful shift from the focus on entertainment and media to video games.


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33 thoughts on “Microsoft’s E3 2016 Xbox event in 8 minutes”

  1. Thank you Verge! They really have a phasing problem at these things, with the worst written casual talk and jokes. This is just info, it's what we want!:D

  2. Microsoft and Xbox completely blew me away with one of the best E3 conferences I have ever seen. Xbox completely dominated E3. Fantastic games and hardware/accessory announcements that completely blew Sony's conference out of the water. Microsoft hit a homerun this year. Sony are definitely licking their wounds. Congratulations Microsoft and Xbox.

  3. When nobody pays for this crap, they will re-do the whole damn thing, like they did last e3!!! Why should i buy the original xbox 1 or the new slim, when the 3rd xbox 1 is more powerful than the first2!!??? Talking about shooting yourself in the foot! Can't wait until they make an exclusive xbox 1 scorpio game, haha

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