Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Estella’s Brilliant Bus

Estella Pyfrom brings technology access to kids, literally. Her Brilliant Bus is a mobile learning station that gives under served communities access to the technology that will help them reach their potential.

Join us as we celebrate empowering stories of people who achieve their goals, helped in part by Microsoft technology. What can you do?

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18 thoughts on “Microsoft Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Estella’s Brilliant Bus”

  1. Microsoft has been taken over by an egotistical self important maniac that is empowered to running the company into the ground by HIS ridiculous ideas about how the interface should be! His first very wrong decision!

  2. Meeting Ms Estella Pyfrom was everything I thought it would be no less than AWESOME! This Bus tour is picking up kids in various cities in the Southeast by the time it arrived last night she already had 40 kids on the Bus, and she is picking up 10 more kids here from around the Atlanta area, can you say OFF the CHAIN, all for the sake of introducing them to the "World of Technology"  what a BRILLIANT DAY I am having with The Brilliant Bus Tour… this Tour will end At the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans, these kids will have experience not only the world of Technology but a view of the country as well. I got the opportunity to meet Estella and I am so grateful.. You see this Bus Tour is something she is doing on her own. When that bus rolled away, I said to myself THANK YOU GOD for pouring a blessing I had to receive. GOD SPEED to you Estella and your BRILLIANT Vision.

  3. Вижте тази страхотна реклама на Microsoft. Нейният слоган е съдържателен, емоционален и позитивен: "Ние ще дадем възможност на всеки човек и на всяка организация да направи повече и да постигне повече."

  4. so cool . i think education is one of the basic necessity of life. without it people are stuck in the darkness of ignorance..People like these are needed to bring light to the world. there are many a story of people who do work like this ;even without a budget . And its things like this that keep me positive every day…

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