Microsoft Build 2016 in 15 minutes

A new update for Windows 10. Bots, Cortana, and more bots. Big changes for Skype. Xbox running Windows apps. Build was a big deal, here’s everything that happened.


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37 thoughts on “Microsoft Build 2016 in 15 minutes”

  1. "This year we are going for your personality profile for adds, but next week we are off to world domination."
    This sentence somewhat fits into this whole climate.

  2. Ok. The tools for helping the blind was just amazing. That is technology I love to see.
    Also… I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a HoloLens, buuuuuuuuuuuuut that will most likely take a while.

  3. This is the definition of INNOVATION….this event is the chuck norris of all the events took place !!! Hats off MS….The final developer touch made me to drop my jaw !!!

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