Metallica Ft. Lady Gaga at grammys 2017 full show

Metallica Ft. Lady Gaga (Grammys 2017 full perfomence)

by LadyGagaVEV0

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  • Date & time added: 2017-02-13 17:06:23
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34 thoughts on “Metallica Ft. Lady Gaga at grammys 2017 full show”

  1. This video is excruciating. I love metallica and Lady gaga. And this performance wouldve been perfect if Lars mic was working and the guitar, drums, etc. was frikin louder… take this shit down

  2. this isnt the real recording u clowns someone edited it to make it sound like shit…. this isnt even the real LadyGagaVEVO channel they spelled VEVO with the number zero

  3. I think they were true professionals. I watched it live that night and thought they had an awesome performance considering the technical difficulties. They showed true performers can adjust and the show went on. Love to see them perform live together in concert.

  4. Me gustan estas colaboraciones entre el Rock y el Pop. La única falla fue el mal funcionamiento del micrófono de James Hetfield de Metallica. Pero eso no es culpa de de ellos. Son problemas técnicos.

  5. forget the fact the Mic was out…someone tripped, it was accidently unplugged, whatever, mistakes happen…

    But what the hell kind of mix is this? all you hear is bass and hi hats… I mean WTF is that? If you are running a board… how the hell are the bass and high hats dominating the mix??? It would actually be difficult to get the mix to sound that bad.

    Always seems like live mixes are horrible at the Grammys. Like every damn year. Figure it out already.

  6. For fuck's sake, for all the people bitching about the sound or sound guy… this is a DIRECT MIC FEED from Gaga's mic. Her mic is recording the audio on the stage and nothing else. It's an isolated vocal track essentially. The actual mix sounds great, aside from Het's mic not working during the actual performance. If you want the way it should've sounded, watch the dress rehearsal version where everything worked perfectly.

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