Men’s Fashion 2017 – Streetwear

Thanks for watching. Giving me some suggestions on how you would like these videos to go. Im up for some constructive criticism. Also dont forget to smash that …

by Jesse

Howdy! There are hundreds of thousands of humorous videos on the internet, with some of them being so funny one can’t resist laughing, while others lighten our mood up after a hard day at the office. As for today, our team’s experts have spotted and recommend this video to all of you, with an astonishing number of 82520 likes!

Try not to laugh!

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37 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion 2017 – Streetwear”

  1. You may call this channel JESSEvsINFINITY or simply JESSEvs8 (8 representing the infinity) or Jvs8. It has got to be Jesse versus the infinity. There is no more limit, conquer the infinity.

  2. Yo, I know this shit is hella late, but I hope you're over the Yeezys finally. You got swag for days but… C'mon. They were never fly bro. "I never wore Yeezys that's a fact. Boi, them shits is cheezy! You know that!" -blackbear
    You still get a like cuz youre the shit, Jesse!

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