Melodifestivalen Winners | 2000 – 2017

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This is a recap of the last entries by Sweden in Eurovision. 2000 Roger Pontare “When Spirits Are Calling My Name” 2001 Friends “Listen To Your Heartbeat” …


38 thoughts on “Melodifestivalen Winners | 2000 – 2017”

  1. joline becker kommer du från sverge då ska du veta ja jag tror att har kommer från sverge för det är svenska mello eller hur då ska han eller hon komma från sverge

  2. But many of the songs (Poger Pontare, Carola, Friends, you name it) were in Swedish when they won Melodifestivalen, and changed it to English for ESC so people could understand what they sang or something. So "Melodifestivalen Winners" is the wrong name of the video when you took the ESC versions

  3. Past 2000, Loreen, Sanna Nielsen, those are the ones that stand out and I think, IMHO, is really good. The other stuff…fluff, as they say 🙂 Still it's just music, any way you want it 🙂

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