May Favorites 2016

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➥ Black bandana: Zara
➥ Scarf headband: Korea
➥ Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection:
➥ Dohee:
➥ Jenneration X:
➥ Marc Jacobs Honey:
➥ Korean “No Sleep” Gum: I can’t find the link for this! D:


❐ ON ME ❏
➫ Top & headband: Korea
➫ Lips – Dohee:
➫ Eyeshadows: All from the Jenn Ne Sais Quoi collection:


➫ Jem | K0YN:


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43 thoughts on “May Favorites 2016”

  1. I love the idea behind the name of the palette! Jenn always has a way with words. I initially heard Jenn say "Jenn ne sais Quad" and thought that's pretty genius too lol

  2. I remember when we had a layover in Korea, I went to buy gum because I ran out and I really need to be chewing on gum when taking off/landing(for ears). So I bought gum from one of the airport stores. It was the most interesting gum I've ever had. It was different from the usuals and I don't know what flavour it was since I couldn't read hangul. :^(

  3. Hi Jenn!! Please make a video talking about your hair coloring experience and what you've done to change your hair color. Love you and your videos!!! :)

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