Match 11: Germany v Cameroon – FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

Watch highlights of the match between Germany and Cameroon from the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia.


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28 thoughts on “Match 11: Germany v Cameroon – FIFA Confederations Cup 2017”

  1. 237 team says: "red card destroyed the game for cameroon" LOL !!! Please stop being stupid, the Germans would have won anyway and would even have won if they were 8 or 9 on the pitch… LOL !

  2. Let's just make it clear the Germans at the Conferations Cup are there to win. Unlike the Cameroonians, they are a bunch of unconcentrated egoist. Africans can never take their task serious when participating in international tournaments and make their country proud. It is clear for all to see that their coachers don' t train them in the art of collective play. That is what football is all about accurate passes and tactics, and of course passion. Messi and Ronaldo are maestros at their art. Most of the Cameroon players play for international clubs, but when it comes to playing for their country they do not take it serious. They do not make the country proud. Unlike the Germans every game is important. They don't play beautiful football like the Spanish but they have a mission and that is to win. Congratulations Germany.

  3. Dubious red card even with a var? I don't think we need var for decisions like that. My recommendation for var should be when they are incidents referees can't see immediately and ofcourse controversial goal decisions and simulations.

  4. I think referee broke the match; could be more entertainment than this, two big mistakes from Referee. The video assistence instead to give a good match give us a bad opinion about it. Good Luck for the next games.

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