38 thoughts on “Mastizaade Official Trailer Sunny Leone | Tusshar Kapoor and Vir Das”

  1. This is totally nonsense!!! This is what the culture is teaching young ones??? Shame :/ Why dont bollywood make more movies like Baarfi, taare zamin par etc!! This is utter bullshit

  2. Since the bollywood films are always about pure love and not lust, I as a bollywood fan, get really uncomfortable when I see actors in such mannerisms xD I'm not sure if these movies sell well and if indian people actually like them, but I like the old fashioned Hindi films with no kissing and no sex. They were such powerful films, the most romantic scenes without even one touch! sometimes just one look, one smile and you were already In love with the film. P.S: I know this is a different genre but still, I like it more when bollywood actors are more … elegant! xD

  3. i kindly request all the honourable ladies and gentleman when american pie or 50 shades of grey movie can enter into india ..but people still know these are porn movies ..but they download . we all people who born in 2000 or near 2000 97-99 can better understand how to avoid negative from movie ..fuck oof u old generation people

  4. jitander made two mestake ,,fuking aakta tapoor and tushar tapoor ,,,maderchod ke oolad ,,,and this two doller ke fuddi leone fuck off bitch ,,,,,,and that fuking retash daskook ma ka yar

  5. Shivsena & RSS should burnt down the theaters to teach a lesson to these bollywood bitches
    oh i forgot!!!!!! then these sickular brigade(congi + cummi + rNDTV ) cry foul make a intolerance march & award wapasi drama

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