Hey guys, so we were just randomly up on the target parking structure shooting some night footage, timelapses etc. for the vlog and as we were literally walking back to the car Jason pointed out this ufo that wasn’t anything but a suspicious orange looking light moving fast..I was able to begin recording right then and there, and as you can see in the video, it turns into something that releases some sort of giant blue light in a circular haze.. It was easily the craziest thing I’ve witnessed. I rushed home to upload this..comment below what you think or have heard it might be..skip to 1:19 to see to when the UFO releases a giant light.

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25 thoughts on “MASSIVE BLUE UFO OVER LOS ANGELES 11-7-15 [HD]”

  1. I'm not lying I live in cali too, I was with my friends and we're sitting and talking than I see this bright thing out of the corner of my eye it was a bright circle with sparks or something coming out of the back I started staring at it and started to admire it than I said "Guys, what's that?" Well of corse they had different responses. But like any normal people on this genoration we pull are phones out and start recording it than it had sort of a greenish color to it. And a few minutes later it was a blue orb.(BTW my house is like 3 houses down from my friends) So than I start running to my house as I start running it starts admitting this smoke sort of like a radar than start yelling "DAD DAD!" He gives me this look as if I was on drugs or something but he was confused and I was out of breath I when he asked what I sort of said "Out… outside, blue thing just, go out, side quick!!!' than I start pushing him tords the door when he gets out its gone but there was lots of smoke that appeared blue because the moonlight was obsorbing it. He believed me because he knew I wouldn't come running to the house shouting "Dad!" but than I showed him the video and he was surprised.
    If your still reading this your awsome!!!

  2. There are about a DOZEN tiny UFOs that surrounded this "missle" the night of this event. They're the tiny white flashing lights you can clearly surround the "missle". There's a really bright one to the top right of it. There's even a blue flash @2:16 at the bottom left of the "missle". WHAT ARE THESE THINGS AND WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THEM??

  3. So, when it's a lil dot u guys are saying omg but when it looks like it is going to end the world, you guys have no reaction at all. and then catch yaselves and start talking again at then end? did u catch it all? yea most of it? um u caught it all man wtf.. bullshit n jenna marbles is there? a wannabe celeb? STOP!

  4. I've done some research people , that was the black night satellite , its not a satellite people how the government says it is , I seen it with my naked eyes I seen the shape of it I could see the outline shape like the black night i rest my case!!!!!!

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