Mass Effect: Andromeda New Gameplay Trailer (NVIDIA CES 2017) 60FPS

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48 thoughts on “Mass Effect: Andromeda New Gameplay Trailer (NVIDIA CES 2017) 60FPS”

  1. I really hope this isnt the final game. God it looks like shit. Im not talking about graphics either. You guys remember the huge leap in gameplay dynamics from ME1 to ME2? This feels sluggish and a huge step back

  2. I hope Bioware doesn't let us down when they release this. Witcher 3 might be the king of RPGs this generation, but I prefer the sci-fi lore of Mass Effect that is similar to Star Trek.

  3. I love the Mass Effect franchise, and agaisnt my better judgement I am getting excited for this game. Even though I know Ill probably be asked to pay full price for half a game and then be asked to buy the other half back over the course of the year following launch.

  4. also gameplay looks stiff and a bit clunky. like if they tried to " go back to the roots " again like in mass effect 3 , while nmaking it more open and less lore friendly and just throwing everything in there.

    you know. this playes after mass effect 2. so you wanna tell me, that they got new abilities and weapons and gear and shit in 600 years kyrostasis ? and they get more advanced abilities that the biotics and engineers from mass effect 3? URGH ! its dragon age iquisitions lore fuck all over again. ah fuck it . done whining . another game i skip

  5. like really. when you read the books and play the games you more then once get to know why a soilder cant be a tech guy. a soilder ist trained in tech abilities or kenetic powers. he essentially goes through a complete different training. a tech guy, engineer, cmes from scientific training and uses his tech upgrades and kinetic abilities to master the battlefield. thats essentially why he only uses pistols. he never went through any kind of combat training. GOOD JOB BIOWARE ON SAYIYNG FUCK YOU TO YOUR OWN LORE

  6. so essentially bioware is saying fuck you to how their world and combat works according to lore and saying " be what the fuck ever you want. classes !? hah i know we said it repretetly in the games an the books that when youre soildier without biotics you wont get biotic powers. but okey. for mass effect andromeda we shit on every piece of lore ! husar !! new game "

  7. For everyone complaining about how all the ME:A trailers are revolving around combat…what did you expect? Do you think they are going to spend half an hour at least on any one of the even minor story arcs that could be in the game? Do you even remember ANY of the Mass Effect games? Even the weakest of them, the 3rd, had small story arcs that could NEVER be told in just 2 minutes of footage. We were never going to see anything story related, it would take too long and it would spoil the story before it came out. Wait until the game is released, and if it sucks, it sucks, but you are judging a game off of trailers that could never display what the ME games have always been about, then you are too dim to be playing them in the first place.

  8. Regardless of what people say, I cannot wait. I am really looking forward to the more open world, and I think I watched something that mentioned finding or developing settlements.? That'd be sick.

  9. The closer the release comes the louder the haters get. In fact they will alway find something to pull Andromeda to the dirt, no matter what Bioware does. Even the smallest detail will suffice to make them run beserk. The grotesque debate about "ugly" characters proves this. Or people who state: "Oh, i´m hoping so much that this is going to be awsome. But i think, my creazy expectations on this game will downgrade the result" Hmmm … I will play the game in a few years and then i will decide if it´s good or not. But people: Play it and hate it. And let the whole world know. God.

  10. Gamers be aware that Bioware "fully supports" Manveer Heir's anti-white views, so if you purchase MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA in March you are financially supporting a racist hate group. DO NOT SUPPORT BIOWARE. DO NOT BUY MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA

  11. what a horrbile positioned CAMERA again .. half of the screen taken by meaningless back of the shitty skin player and what da fuck with the color pallete … thanks another watch style but no… and those menus skill treees and shit .. again this game will not win me

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