Mass Effect Andromeda – CES 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Check out this latest gameplay trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda from Nvidia’s 2017 CES keynote, featuring a glimpse at upgrades and more of the menu …

by GameSpot

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24 thoughts on “Mass Effect Andromeda – CES 2017 Gameplay Trailer”

  1. the whole change your class on the fly ruins it for me. I always played as "Soldier" limited with powers but every weapon available to use. I'd go in to battles at a disadvantage but it forced me to think and use my squad correctly. huge fan of the trilogy minus the ending but this game for some reason doesn't get me hyped up or anything. looks like a spin off (my only way of describing it) everything just looks off. :/

  2. This video did not satisfy me, but I'm about to pre-order idc idc. Can anyone tell me why ME 1,2,3 aren't available rn on Xbox One?? It's frustrating because I wanted to play through them one last time before Andromeda's release. You know, reminisce.

  3. I fucking love Mass Effect. But please Bioware, don't lose sight of the story. Don't focus so much on the exploring like you guys did with Dragon Age: Inquisition.


  4. I'm sorry I just don't see it yet. Mass Effect was amazing because of its unique gameplay within a seamless story and great characters. Taking away paragon and renegade diminishes that as happy as people are to see it go. I hope something brings back a shaping of your character through choices and seeing the environment and npcs react to that. Bioware hasn't been improving much in this regard imo.

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