28 thoughts on “Marvel’s IRON FIST Trailer 3 (2017)”

  1. Hmm… Bruce Wayne billionaire Batman, Tony Stark billionaire Iron Man, Oliver Queen billionaire Green Arrow! And here comes who again? Iron what? And people wanna see this?

  2. Madam Gao is gonna be the show's Kingpin, like she could have very easily done in Daredevil if she didn't leave. Fisk was only the Kingpin because she let him.

  3. Am I the only one who noticed that the plot for Iron Fist greatly resembles Batman Begins?

    After losing his parents, a young billionaire disappears off the face of the earth. During his absence, he receives martial arts training in a foreign country. Back at home, his family company is being run by an asshole and after returning from the "dead", the young billionaire becomes a superhero.

    Only thing that is needed to complete is the lead trainer is the main villain.

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