Martin Odegaard Individual Highlights (Debut for Real Madrid) vs Getafe 23/05/2015

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Martin Odegaard Individual Highlights (Debut for Real Madrid) vs Getafe 23/05/2015


20 thoughts on “Martin Odegaard Individual Highlights (Debut for Real Madrid) vs Getafe 23/05/2015”

  1. Madrid can learn from Barca with Hilalovic's situation. He has a lot of potential but needs to be loaned to an actual club, a low ranking one too. He needs a lot of playing time with a club the really need points, not the castilla, so he can gain valuable experience and confidence in his abilities.

  2. Everyone calling him overrated.. lol. I dont know what the fuck ur saying. hes 16 hes not gonna go pele or maradona. Plus a fact is everyone called messi overrated when he was his age and now look at Messi. Just wait. Just wait.

  3. He only have 16/17 years people, dont judge him like that
    Normally the players play in the first team when they have 18/19 years old
    If Ancelloti call him to play with the first team is because he have a potencial to be the new cristiano ronaldo
    And sorry for my english hahahaha i dont speak very well

  4. What dribbling skills? In half of this video, this kid is getting dribble on. He's your typical European player: just pass the ball around. ABSOLUTELY, NOTHING SPECTACULAR HERE.

  5. I see some problems with his play. He stops when he has room to run, its weird he could be opening up more options if he keeps running. He also passes too much, he needs to be more selfish. But hes playing for real madrid and im not soooo…..

  6. I really want to ask Ronaldo which of the planet he came, because people thinking of he been old and weak but he appeals very young and strong in world that even his rival are all very young and I think they should strong then he when it comes to the football world, but why ? Ronaldo you are not free of super natural or - - – – -!!!. From: J. Menleleh B. Suah. A borned Liberia.

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