Marseille Ultras’ Unprovoked Attack on England Fans | Euro 2016 France

Beesotted are blogging around Marseilles for Euro 2016. As we were getting in the mood for the France game, we witnessed 15 to 20 French Ultras attack England fans sitting outside a bar only a few minutes walk from the Vieux Port.

The attack was in an area away from the centre of the trouble and was full of fans sitting peacefully having a drink not causing any bother at all and families. The attack was totally unprovoked and looked pre-meditated.

Only 10 minutes earlier, samba dancers were entertaining crowds in the same bars – making the whole experience even more bizzarre.

Check our mini documentary with French Marseille Ultras saying months before the Euros they felt the worst would happen with ‘revenge’ being quoted a few times –

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38 thoughts on “Marseille Ultras’ Unprovoked Attack on England Fans | Euro 2016 France”

  1. Euro 2016 is England's LAST chance to win as we will not be taking part in Euro 2020. As by 2020 England will no longer be part of the EU.
    EDIT… This is the also the GAYEST fight I have even seen. They might as well have thrown there handbags at each other.

  2. are europeans uncivilized people? time to learn from Asian, we are probably the most civilised & smart people left in the World right now

  3. Famous French hospitality. And what Mr. Holland, say "I am sorry" for Polish fans and Poland for using insulting and offensive disrespect! France during WW2 – cowards and traitors! Now attack supporters, it's king of their "culture". What about it Mr. Holland?! Isn't you democracy in danger? May be interview in EU?

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  6. Wow very impressive the Marseille UltraGays…If those are the Ultras how the non-Ultras should look like LOL
    Come one Brits you should crush these chair-trower rats in a couple of seconds…

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