Lycanthropy | Full Horror Movie

#KingsOfHorror presents: Lycantrophy

A detective has to journey into the dark heart of his modern metropolis to investigate a routine murder, but finds the secret truth behind an ancient myth.

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19 thoughts on “Lycanthropy | Full Horror Movie”

  1. i like your videos,especially when you write what the movie is about most people don't do that so I have to go based on te comments and sometimes they are not accurate.

  2. Sorry, but I can't endure another moment (1:00.27) of this movie. It should have been titled "The Dumbest, Most Naive, Wimpiest, Police Detective in The UK." A policeman being physically harassed by to women bouncers in a club during a police investigation…and not arrested? REALLY? Yeah, that's believable.
    Oh, and his wife…she's plain right irritating. I wouldn't sleep on the couch; i'd sleep in another place…far from her!

  3. What a great movie and thanks to you I got to see it. nice mix of mystery and murder, by the title I thought it was a werewolf movie but the plot works well making an awesome film. Thanks for sharing

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