London Fireworks 2016 /2017 – New Year’s Eve Fireworks (4k 360 video) – BBC One

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Watch the spectacular London New Year’s Eve Fireworks 2016/2017 in 360° This video contains flashing images When viewing this content make sure you are …

46 thoughts on “London Fireworks 2016 /2017 – New Year’s Eve Fireworks (4k 360 video) – BBC One”

  1. Guys can anyone please tell me the name of the song at 12:37? Like where the girl goes "aooaa aooaa". I lost this song during childhood and i still cant find it. Please help a fellow human being out, pretty please!! It would be like getting back parts of my childhood.

  2. What is it about fireworks? Any excuse and dumb idiots everywhere will watch their money go up in smoke, never a thought about wildlife or animals in general. On new years eve goons everywhere were letting them off from the moment the sun went down.

  3. Pointless as a 360 video because of camera position. The camera is somewhere anyone could've put a camera up. What's the point of the BBC doing this if you cannot put a 360 camera in a London Eye pod, or on the river or on top of a nearby building or in a drone flying a safe distance away? Out of all those options you only managed to leave one camera on a barge right under the fireworks, which doesn't have a good view.
    To make it worse, the video suffers from very noticeable double-image hallow effects which makes the low quality video look even more blurred. Terrible dynamic-range from a low-resolution camera that's not designed for low-light recording. You didn't even bother to capture it in 4K so there is enough resolution to spread across 360 degrees. Do you even know what you're doing? One would imagine BBC has access to all sorts of expensive cameras and the outcome isn't even passable quality-wise.

  4. i hate how there is people dying who need money for food to to stay alive and then theres assholes like this spending tens of millions of pounds on damn fireworks

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