Lock City Drift 2017 Season Opener

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Our rating is: 4.64

Author : Haggard Garage
Lock city drift never disappoints with their events , needless to say we’ll be out at the next one ! Stay tuned for a longer haggard style video tomorrow.


42 thoughts on “Lock City Drift 2017 Season Opener”

  1. ive never seen such a large group of jealous little bitches. you gonna give a guy shit for wrecking in a race car? that he just painted? wheres all yalls freshly self painted drift cars that you did at 20 years old??? fuckin fags these kids are fucking gangsters! props haggard fellas yall are doin it

  2. It literally makes me sad that soo many people are talking shit about these guys… This video is dope af! And bout that crash, shit happens… everyone makes mistakes. AND if you dont like the color their cars are then idk theres something wrong with ur eyes because that green is sexy as fuck lmao xDI think the cars look much meaner now 😛

  3. fucccc the haters talking about the crash. that shit happens in drifting, to newly painted cars aswell as drift missiles.
    haggard boys has come a LOOOOONG way since messing up moms driveway lol, wether yall like it or not. peace and love

  4. Relax you fruit loops, it's just an intro to the opener, no point of getting salty. There will be a whole fucking season worth of content to look forward to. It's like 75% of comments here are written by fucking pessimists. GO HAGGARD DRIFT TEAM!

  5. a big part of this channel is documenting your guys progression in drifting, and a part of that progression is showing your failures as well. I don't see that here. your trying to make yourselves look perfect, but you end up making yourselves look like idiots when we see straight past it.

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