Linkin Park special live performance 16.2.2017

TODAY (February 16th) at 12pm Los Angeles time for a special Live performance.
All rights belong to Linkin Park.


01. Crawling
02. Heavy (w/ Kiiara)
03. Burn It Down (w/ Kiiara)

by MR buddy

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33 thoughts on “Linkin Park special live performance 16.2.2017”

  1. I love this way crawling was done but i miss hearing Mike and the intensity from Chester. Seeing these videos of Chester doesn't let my mind settle the fact that he is gone. It's a struggle to think he is gone. I'm feel so heavy for all the LP family. I pray for you guys. I have seen you play 4 different times in Indy, actually One Step Closer is what turned me to alternative type of music and your concert was my first concert, it was with Static X, Stained, and STP, you guys rocked an amazing show, even my last show when Chester broke his ankle here in Indy, he kicked ass even with a broken ankle just earlier that day. Peace and love within you all. Just remember we all love you. I as a fan would understand and accept what your decision is on how to continue with LP. I was a definite emptiness on the stage the other night, it just broke my heart and cried several times. I just hate this for you guys. Just remember the fans will support you in whatever you do. We love you Linkin Park.

  2. Chester looks here so happy. .. 5 months later…chester is death! This fuck depressions! !!! Man i can't Not understand. … chester makes me so happy and now is chester death this is so Hard for me for Fans for linkin park and for talinda and his Kids!

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