“Life is not that Important” – Louis CK (2017)


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39 thoughts on ““Life is not that Important” – Louis CK (2017)”

  1. I'm gonna miss this motherfucker. Damn. All in all, I still don't think he deserves to have the worst life ever, despite his idiotic (despite the fact that he's a genius) life choices. If any of these cocksuckers can learn a lesson, I bet it's Louie.

  2. Got to thinking about Louis and the sexual harassment claims coming out. So I googled him here on youtube. Clicked a view videos and randomly came here. No idea he'd talk about suicide. But my laughs were real. I'm not suicidal, but I know some people are and sometimes being able to joke about this issue is a great relief. Because some people genuinely feel ti's a crappy world, right? I know you don't want to encourage their mental problems, but why be so serious all the time? We have to be able to lighten up every once in a while.

    Now about the claims. If he closed the door on that lady? That's clear as day wrong. Or if he pulled it out without consent from them? That's not clearheaded. It's not clearheaded either asking them whether it was ok to masturbate with them nearby. Who does that? Who asks a random person if they can masturbate? It's not rape, but it's not what a balanced person does who respects others.

  3. Louie, I'm a sick, suffering, recovered alcoholic. We're same age even. IF there's a room, with one person…maybe 2. And you can still make them laugh then THAT'S why you're here. Stay true to it….hold it close. That is your spiritual center.

  4. Hollywood's found its new fall guy…and who better than Louis right? Dumbfuck shouldn't have been so honest about it all…should've been a lying little cunt like the rest of them. I mean…even his sexual misconduct is funny…taking your dick out in front of women? Like this is what little boys do in kindergarten. But these women have been scarred now. Scarred. Really? And now Louis is the monster under your bed. Fucking women. Ruin everything.

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