LG G5 Day – Full video, Feb 21st @ Barcelona

The new LG G5 has finally revealed itself to the crowd starting with the LG G5 Day event that just took place at Barcelona, Spain!

Watch the live stream here in case you’ve missed the fun and stay tuned as exciting moments continue at the MWC 2016.


23 thoughts on “LG G5 Day – Full video, Feb 21st @ Barcelona”

  1. I like the product, but that presentation was horrible, even the part with the English (American?) actors. I mean "uh-oh, she wants the big blue sky in the picture too" (re-takes photo, she smiles, then they put Happy Wife Happy Life up on screen).

    Just horrible taste, approach, and delivery at their main event. Thank goodness they have the device to fall back on.

  2. Personally Samsung did a better job than LG this year, though Samsung removed the "infrared blaster" which is bad giving how much people love to use it just so you don't have to be looking for misplaced remotes all over the place. But LG completely ruined the volume on the back that everyone loved so much. Why would you want to change something that attracted so many people over to LG and put LG in a class of it's own and move the volume rocker again to a place where most people do not like anymore… I am just trying to understand who at LG is trying to ruin the company! Look how gorgeous the LG V10 is. Actually it is a really good-looking phone but an LG G line made with the same design language of the LG V10 and all in metal or metal and glass, it would have looked amazingly beautiful. There was a lot of high hope's for this year's LG. Please LG I love your phones and product's but this phone is not what your fans and those that wanted to give LG a try were waiting for. Please return the volume rocker to the back, stay with the curved screen which is nice, leave the finger print scanner on the back as well, but do not fracture your phone again with so called "friends"… make a unibody design like it was done with LG G2, non-removable parts, leave the infrared blaster that everybody loves and please, just please listen to your customers! We are the ones that will or will not buy this devices.

  3. 생각해보면, 다른 폰들은 완전 평범한 제품도 임펙트를 끌어네어 매해 화제다.

    하지만, LG는 이런 이슈감을 가지고 그럴듯한 마케팅을 못하는거 같다.

    LG는 폰은 잘만들지만 마케팅이 문제다.

    제발 LG가 이제부터 혁신적인 폰 기능처럼 마케팅을 혁신적으로 해줬으면 좋겠다.

    이렇게 좋은 폰을… 저렇게 연설하다니,

    현제 필자는 LG를 사용중인데 한번쓰니 Samsung보다 좋았다고 생각한다.
    ( 개인적인 생각입니다. )

    그래서 앞으로도 LG를 쓸 예정인데 LG는 다른 폰들과 다르게 혁신적인것을 찾아낸다. 풀메탈 바디에다가 탈착형 배터리라니,

    앞으로도 LG가 멋지게 폰을 만들었으면 좋겠다고 생각 합니다. ( 저는 LG 알바 아닙니다. 그냥 저의 개인적인 생각일뿐. )

  4. what is it i dont care, i'd love using lg phone, i used g3, g4, and going to g5, what i loved is, they might not fast as samsung when they open an apps, but, they way to keep the apps working behind the screen, is the way they're walking, only them, samsung? is shit more shit than Xiaomi, even xiaomi with low specs and budget run the apps smooth than s6, hahah so poor, they just sell what a junk called,

  5. the minus i think only, why we have to reboot everytime we change the modules, lg could make a small battery just to keep the phone on, just a while, even when the battery un plug from the phone, but i hope, this feature would appear on G6,

  6. 디자인은 개취니 뭐라 말못하지만 적어도 폰자체의 기능면에선 '혁신' 이라는 말을 붙혀도 이상하지 않을정도로 전작에 비해 많이 좋아진거같다.
    엘지가 드디어 해냇구나

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