50 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Crash GP Spain 2016”

  1. So you see your teammate come charging from the back and move over to the side for a clear overtake, what's your first reaction?

    a) let him by, he is your teammate after all.
    b) put him in the grass! hahaha

  2. formula 1 became so boring, because idiots like hamilton, average guys like button won championships thanks to their vehicles, why doesn't fia erase points for such mistakes instead calling it racing incidents or giving grid penalties? i can only watch the starts, the rest is usually bullshit. I think engine manufacturers shouldn't be allowed to join as a racing team, they should provide the same engine to the teams like tyre suppliers. This way, it only becomes exciting to watch when these idiots crash each other.

  3. Hamilton is known for slashing his way through the field right? He can make a pass, which is very hard to do in F1 sometimes, so he went for one of his classic aggressive passes and Nico decided not to play along, its clear Nico ran him off the road, but i think sometimes that will happen to hardcore pass master.

  4. If it was the other way around, and it was Hamilton that cut off Nico, the media would have touted it as "Senna-esque".

    But when it's Rosberg its like, "Nah, he's just a cheat."

    Tough shit I say. Nico Rosberg fought his corner, albeit very aggressively, but it shows he has a real hunger this year and is willing to go the extra mile, just like what Senna did to Prost in 1990.

  5. I'm Indonesian and I'm not complaining, because Rio Haryanto.
    Lewis Hamilton is an idiot, while Nico Rosberg is dummkopf, due to both not giving each other a space to pass to the point of crashing in the end.
    While as for Rio Haryanto, he is the embodiment of Garuda Indonesia in F1, while following the principle of "slowly but surely".

  6. IT IS NOT an excuse that Rosberg was in the wrong setting, fact is fact and that is that Lewis Hamilton was much faster out of that turn. What was he gonna do? Brake? Ofcourse not! People are saying that he was to eager to pass Rosberg and that he could have waited, are you kidding me? It is racing he saw the gap and was approaching much faster, ofcourse he is going for it, late or not. Also, Rosberg propably couldn´t stand the fact that Lewis was going to pass him just because he was in the wrong power mode, which led him to do the wrong thing, just of instinct.
    Lewis is just the bigger person in this matter and apologises to the whole team. He never said that he did the wrong thing. Obviously, both took the consequences, and that is why the stewards and the team didn´t put the blame on one driver. And that is understandable. I have no doubt in mind that Rosberg would have got shit for this if he would have managed to get away from the crash and continued the race.

  7. Read the latest on the issue regarding Rosberg accidentally had the car in low performance mode which explains why Lewis came up on Rosberg so fast… Rosberg tried to defend his position but seemed to be futile…and Hamilton realizing Rosberg was in the lower power setting made his move but Roseberg cut him off… I say that was Rosberg's fault.

  8. So nico, where was Hamilton supposed to go when you fucked up the engine setting dumping your engine power into harvest mode. Was he a) supposed to have slowed down for you so that you could recover then push himself into the clutches of the rest of the grid approaching or b) overtake like any racing driver would. filthy aggressive defensive man move

  9. It's interesting how many people shout about how it was hamiltons fault. You can clearly see Rosberg, who, if he had stayed on the race line would have not caused this but he just couldn't face that Hamilton came off the corner faster and was going to under take him. From the race line, rosberg moves right over to the other side of they track to block Hamilton and ensure he was run off the track.. It's as clear as day……. How can it be 50/50 ?

  10. I don't care which one is to blame but I would be so happy to see them doing it again. Sunday we had brief view on how exciting formula 1 could be if the cars were a bit more equal. would love to see that again.

    There is no way to pull out a pass from there
    It is not "RISKY…" it is not "Racing.."

    Hamilton is a NOT a racer, he is a SUICIDAL
    Get him off the track for good.
    Find him something to do, just get him off the track

    The sooner the better

  12. This one is on Nico.  Clearly he made a mistake, probably with one of the million bullshit buttons on his steering wheel which caused his car to lag.Lewis was way faster and Rosberg's aggressive move to defend the line after this mistake was the cause.Just a shame Kimi couldn't win the race as a result.

  13. La fia ha deciso che tagliare la strada si puo fare purchè ci sia solo un cambio di direzione,per questo motivo in questa occasione hamilton ha torto, però secondo me rosberg ha torto

  14. Here is a completely unbiased view. Rosberg had selected wrong engine setting and because of that the difference between Rosberg's and Hamilton's speed was so big on the straight. That caused Rosberg's blocking move to be late. Hamilton managed to put the nose of the car into the existing very small gap. On the other hand, Hamilton could have backed off as he saw Rosberg closing the gap. It was easily predictable Rosberg going to close the door entirely but Hamilton was desperate to take the lead again after losing it at the start. I'm sure if Hamilton had been championship points leader, he wouldn't have chosen to try overtaking there after seeing Rosberg moving to the right too. So technically it's Rosberg's fault but avoidable for Hamilton too. I understand why opinions on this collision are so diverse. Peace.

  15. Here is another proof of the stupidity of this moron Hamilton I really hate that asshole, he's so proud here is the sad image that it gives to Mercedes and Mechanical sports and I really hope he will be harshly penalized

  16. Omg! I hate it if F1 becomes just like football. many comments here show that many football fans are turning into F1.
    If someone blames Hamilton for this is totally insane! OMG

  17. Here is the answere. Hamilton gave Rosberg room in the first corner where Hamilton could have defended. Rosberg should have given room to Hamilton in that corner. Need I say it that they are teammates as well.

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