Lewis Hamilton 360° Onboard Lap in 2017 F1 Car with Commentary!

Lewis Hamilton drove the all-new F1 W08 EQ Power+ at Silverstone during the Team’s official launch. Watch as the three-time Formula One World Champion …

by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport

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41 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton 360° Onboard Lap in 2017 F1 Car with Commentary!”

  1. great video, massive potential. Think how many more people you could get interested in the sport if every car on the starting grid had this with live streaming. Being able to look around at the wheel to wheel racing as its happening, watching crashes etc amazing potential….

  2. who is the very concerned looking gentleman at the end of the video who looks like he was caught masturbating in the corner by his teacher? (pan to the right by the end of the screens)

  3. 3 time world champ still considering himself lucky to have the job he has, theres a good heart in our glamour boi, and thats why he got my support for 12 years now, even tho i will cheer if max's redbull is infront.

  4. WHAT??????? How is this even possible??? This 360 degree feature that is adjustable by the viewer is AMAZING!!! You guys have to make this more clear that we can rotate the view with the button in the top left corner, as I had no idea until I read some of the comments.

  5. Amazing video and thanks for uploading, Lewis seemed to have some fun!

    *Just a little question to Mercedes AMG F1 Team:

    Why isn't the video game company "Codemasters" allowed to have such cameras and or microphones placed on the cars to capture real life footage of how the driving visually and audibly should be perceived in the final product of the game?

    Or rather why don't the several F1 teams offer such footage to Codemasters, if necessary only the sound clips instead of actual video footage?

    It's the official video game after all.

    **Wish your team all the best for this season, hopefully LH44 will win his fourth title and hopefully VB77 will be a great contender for Vice Champion, battling it out till the last race, like in 2014.

    Have a good one!

  6. Yes Lewis you are very lucky to have a job like that. if ever you feel like chucking the towel in like nico did, you be sure to remember this post cos I want your drive. damn I'd love to have a blast in one of these let alone be paid to do it. great vid!

  7. Wider cars will make for interesting close quarters battling – especially amongst this new crop of trigger happy young guns entering F1 (who were used to GP2 and other lower formulae overtaking) …. not that that'll matter much to #LH44 & #VB77 qualifying front row and disappearing into the distance ::: Just hope these 2017 cars can be driven in the wet …

  8. Hopefully Ferrari and of course Red Bull are going to challenge you this year. You're doing great stuff, but it isn't good for the competition. A duell with three teams at the top is my dream

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