Let’s Order In Tonight!: Cooking Food Fails (August 2017) || FailArmy

Some people just can’t cook, if you’re one of those people just get some takeout or order in. From funny food fails to faulty cooking equipment, here are some of …

by FailArmy

Howdy! There are hundreds of thousands of humorous videos on the internet, with some of them being so funny one can’t resist laughing, while others lighten our mood up after a hard day at the office. As for today, our team’s experts have spotted and recommend this video to all of you, with an astonishing number of 27305 likes!

Try not to laugh!

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41 thoughts on “Let’s Order In Tonight!: Cooking Food Fails (August 2017) || FailArmy”

  1. I would have taken away those stupid blue berries. she still is growing. if she wants to just est fruit that's fine. ad long as there is other things. I would cut her off fruit until she eats more stuff

  2. I'm Flipping done. The stupid Webtoon ads keep popping up just because I don't have Webtoon on THIS PHONE. Yes, I am saying that I indeed have two phones. And my other phone has Webtoon, but now Webtoon won't leave me alone on this phone. I've watched so many Webtoon ads already and I'm flipping done.

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