28 thoughts on “LEGO CITY Undercover (2017): Official Trailer”

  1. Back in 2012? lego city undercover was a great game for the Wii U now it's back this time for the PlayStation 4 Xbox one PC and for the new Nintendo Switch i can't wait for to come out because i've beat the game for the Wii U twice now i can play on the PS4

  2. This game is the equivalent to Grand Theft Auto, but for kids. And Chase's new uniform looks badass, kind of reminds me of a SWAT uniform.

    If they make a sequel they should add some RPG elements to it, and add in another character for player 2, like a pragmatic detective of some sorts, who has his own abilities.

    Other than that, I can't wait to get this for PS4.

  3. this is nice you can expect the obvious of better graphic, but also a fix to the horrible load times a massive increase to the draw distance and probably the best part will be that the city part of the game will be fleshed out and not left in its half finished state.

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