29 thoughts on “LCK Spring 2017 – Week 5 Day 1: MVP vs. KT | LZ vs. SKT (SPOTV)”

  1. The performance of KT is disappointing. I mean, it's not the fact that they lost the games surprise me, but the fact that they lost the games in that way. If you look at the three games SKT lost to their opponent, both team in those three game are so disciplined and they played the game so well. Although watching games like that is a bit tedious, those are definitely good game. However, in KT games, they just throw the games and show disrespect to their opponent. I can't help wondering can KT beat SKT in the coming games.

    Finally, smeb is fine but I miss Ssumday.
    these casters are sh*tty and I miss MonteCristo.

  2. LS literally does no game analysis at all and just says what everyone can see. He repeats what the other caster says constantly too.

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