20 thoughts on “LCK Spring 2017 – Week 2 Day 1: SKT vs. ROX | SSG vs. MVP (SPOTV)”

  1. I think adc in 2k17 is sooo interesting. I do get the flame about it and clearly see the points.
    But the thing is you are rreally asked to take care of yourself as adc. And I think that is fine because it shows and seperates good adcs from god tier adcs. Moreover it gives supports a responsibility to work for their wins. Keeping their adc alive has become more important and support players need to realize that. (cause some clearly haven't)

    Overall really interesting state of the game. It has changed so much… sometimes I miss the old days where snowballing worked totally different than today but… game is still great and there is so much too it. Way more interesting than shooters

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