LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | March 23, 2016 | NBA 2015-16 Season

NBA March 23 23rd 2016 Full Game Highlights NBA 2015 2016 Season 15-16 23.03.2016 03.23.2016 Warriors Clippers Cavaliers Spurs Games HD Official Recap 720p 60fps Ximo Pierto Channel

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42 thoughts on “LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors – Full Game Highlights | March 23, 2016 | NBA 2015-16 Season”

  1. Does anybody in the NBA know how to lock this dude up on defense???? Curry is jump shooter PERIOD! All you gotta do is put a hand in his face and contest the shot but people seem to just stand around and let him shoot!

  2. I watch Nba from overseas don't know much about it I'm starting to follow the sport but I have a silly question why does LA have 2 teams ? Why can't they merge into one super team ?

  3. If they beat the Bulls regular season record and don't win shit and lose to San Antonio I don't wanna hear shit about this season and they are the best and blah blah blah. The Bulls won when they went 72-10 if these dudes can't win than I don't wanna hear shit from the bandwagon muthafuckaz

  4. Let me say what I think about the "Bandwagon" crap. So apparently now people can't like a team or even compliment a team without the people who are mad at life commenting "bandwagon". I enjoy watching the Warriors. Steph Curry is fun to watch, love seeing Draymond Green play, which imo, I think is the Warriors mvp. I just really hate when people will comment bandwagon on anything to do with the Warriors because they are good. And then there's the people who say they suck just because they beat their favorite team or they lose a game once in a while. For god sakes, do you have to nitpick on everything? Seriously this world is ruined.

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