Kumail Nanjiani ’01, 2017 Grinnell College Commencement Address

Actor, comedian, pod-cast host and Grinnell College alumnus Kumail Nanjiani ’01 delivered the Grinnell College 2017 Commencement Address on May 22, 2017.

by Grinnell College

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21 thoughts on “Kumail Nanjiani ’01, 2017 Grinnell College Commencement Address”

  1. I love Kumail but I thought some of this was a bit too negative. It's not helpful to point about a bunch of successful people who dropped out of college…and he mentions it more than once when you're in front of a bunch of people who just did. And paid a lot of money for it!!

  2. His character's name in the series "Silicon Valley" is "Dinesh" which is a Hindu/Indian name; Instead, it should have been "Danesh" or "Danish" which is a Pakistani/Muslim name.

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