Korea. Your Story – Official TVC for 2015 Korea Tourism – 70s

‘Korea. Your Story’ is a new TVC by Korea Tourism Organization featuring a movie star Lee Min-ho.
‘Korea. Your Story’ introduces fascinating tourist attractions in Korea.

It is directed by an award-winning commercial director Wayne Peng, starring famous movie star Lee Min-ho. This TVC introduces various wonders of Korea such as Jejudo Island and Hanok Village.

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18 thoughts on “Korea. Your Story – Official TVC for 2015 Korea Tourism – 70s”

  1. 이게 진정한 고요한 한국의 느낌이지만. (중국의 영향을 받은) 이대로 살면 경제 망함. 남들은 고요하고 단아하다고 하고 스스로는 다이내믹하다고 생각함 ㅎㅎ

  2. I wanted to visit Korea ever since I saw Boys Before Flowers, my first KDrama ever. So this comes as no surprise that Lee Min Ho's presence boosted the popularity of the video and in turn the tourism in future manifold.

  3. I will visit korea but Lee Min Ho better be waiting for me at the airport.. muahah! just kidding but would definitely like to ran into Lee Min Ho and have couple of cafe with him..

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