Korea Humanoid Robot – Hubo – DRC Final Winner – [Time lapse – HD]

Darpa robotics challenge 2015 Finals
DRC Hubo 휴보 2 [ Team Kaist ] – 8 Tasks – perfect clear- Record – 44:28 – 8/8 Point
Winner : Team Kaist [ South Korea ] – video speed (X10)
Robots from Republic of Korea and United States take home $3.5 million in prizes

DARPAThis robot won the DARPA Robotics Challenge 2015.

On Saturday, Team KAIST from South Korea emerged as the winner of the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) in Pomona, Calif., after its robot, an adaptable humanoid called DRC-HUBO, beat out 22 other robots from five different countries, winning the US $2 million grand prize.


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  2. I'm very impressed. On the bipedal robot also being or having to be a sex not..why? Is the only way you're going to keep a servant is if one can have sex with it? It's a machine. It's very possible one will get lots of pleasure with it, but it's a machine. And one can love it like a fan loves a rock star or politician or sports hero, but that's not mature love. It's fantasy fulfillment or body worship or hero worship. That's a type of love but it's not mature. And it takes both to be mature and on the terms like our Constitution puts all born equal, equal but different, but equal. And in the end humans can't get that from a machine. Like a human can't get it partnering up with a horse or chimpanzee or slave human. If you don't get it look up books on psychology, in, types of love. If one wants it to be, for humans, real..that's what we need.

  3. i thought i was going to be impressed with how slim it is… but thats just cheating.. just a collaborative robot that builds cars.. on wheels. you're not humanoid you're just an 80's jonny 5 (probably great software though)

  4. It took 45 minutes for the thing to do all of that?
    And people are afraid terminators might be a thing someday?

    "the human's getting away! ………………….. ok lessee here……….. the… HUman….. is GETTING…. a WAY…………..
    so uh…. hang on…… my objective iiiiiiiiiiiiis…….. kill the human……… soooooooo……. if the HUman….. is…………
    not within range due to the human fleeing……… then…….. maybe……….. dangit. Human is gone. Can't see human anymore. Until further notice, enter patrol mode. Lets start by going back the way I came."

    Oh golly gee what ever shall we do when the machines rise against us?  -___-

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