“Keiko’s Legacy” lies about Tilikum from 13th of March 2016

Keiko’s Legacy – https://www.facebook.com/Keikos-Legacy-508350949201173/?fref=ts
Post – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s… (EDIT: they deleted it)
The video I used to proof that they’re wrong – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SNoX…

They pissed me off. I had to do this.
I hate people like that. They know they made a mistake, but they don’t want to admit it, because “anti-cap can’t be wrong”…
I hope everyone will see this, especially Keiko’s Legacy’s admins and their fans.

Let the truth be told.

PS: I’m sorry for any mistakes in my english, I’m from Poland. 🙂


23 thoughts on ““Keiko’s Legacy” lies about Tilikum from 13th of March 2016”

  1. hi I have had a look at ur video and last year 4 my birthday gift I went 2 SeaWorld with my mum and dad I do believe u when I did get their Tilikum was in the underwater viewing he was with his grandson and he didn't move the only time he did was when they did dine with shamu and tilikum and his grandson was did the dine with shamu with trainers so they r still doing shows with tilikum just not the main show but I do believe u just that SeaWorld r still lying about that they r still having trainers around him in the dine with shamu

  2. Even if its just the splash at the end I'm not sure if its smart to let a very sick animal be involved in any way in the shows, however brief the segment.

    Just let him rest until he gets better or dies, jeez.

  3. I remember the good old days when seaworld was actually a good place and now they are gonna come back by getting rid of shows and no more orca breeding and now focus on rescue but I remember seeing Tilikum and Dawn they looked so connected like they were actually family

  4. Cringe worthy tacky American bullshit. What a fucking joke the killers should never be in captivity in the first place. You can't do it with a great white why do it with these. Cos their mammals and it's possible that's no reason. Total bullshit sea world are wankers.

  5. Sea World admitted that he performs sometimes… In the video where they tell us Tilly is sick the trainer said if he wants to perform implying they do let him perform – idk about the pics or the day in question I am not defending or advocating for either side. I just care about the whale. Don't think he should perform at all if he is sick or even be around so much noise

  6. Poor Tilikum he's pretty armless. hahaha hope he gets to shred limbs from another trainer before he dies but my gut tells me one of the girl's will lose it next. Let's hope we get to see footage this time. Barbie tossed around the pond bleeding profusely from her pointy little head hahaha. I'd pay to see that.

  7. This is a personal attack against Keiko''s Legacy you should remove this video. It's you that are wrong not them. Keiko got 5 years in freedom, how can you dénie him that? You should try to lock yourself up in a concrete place in a month

  8. I ever knew they actually had a green and red light telling the trainers whether they can go on the stage or not. It was interesting to find out they do.  Also great job making the  video. Its nicely done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! support sw all the way

  9. After watching blackfish killer whales are now my favourite animals and tilly is the best he wouldn't of attacked if he was in the wild so… FREE TILLY and stop lieing seaworld I gets you nowhere :-(

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