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With Kanye West’s new drastic change in appearance coinciding with an onstage rant which subsequently landed him in ‘rehabilitation’ for ‘mental health …


25 thoughts on “KANYE WEST IS DEAD & REPLACED? 2017”

  1. Kardashian witches and illuminati got him under mind control now that movie GET OUT is about him now he's publicly shamed cuz of this rant he exposed enuff plus he sacrificed his mother so when he went in the hospital they reprogrammed him that's why he look gone now COMPLETLY

  2. Kim Kardashian often looks like a stand-in not the real Kim. The robbrry in Paris seemed staged. Did Kim and Kanye participate in a fake heist? Perhaps to pay off elites not to go after their children? Kanye sacrificed his Mom to the plastic surgeon yeah.

  3. That's what Amy Winehouse was trying to warn people about in her song "rehab". She alluded to the "triangle" in one of her interviews. Do a research on the reported details of her death.

  4. Kanye west has changed i believe it completely. but most forget he didnt originally look like this, he had his jaw reconstructed.so that would mean the same thing would have to happen to his replacement because a mere clone wouldn't have the protruding jaw on one side.

  5. Just say you didn't have shit to say about your topic. This whole video was the video that everyone has seen already; Kanye's ranting. I don't believe none of this shit. It makes no sense.

  6. let me tell u something,when u do mf wrong they will turn on you. It's clear kanye was did wrong and he telling, formally known add ratting. At the same time he did take that money and signed on the dotted line. I guess some people fell like there special and shit will never happen to them.

  7. Something's happened. But not cloning I think he's heavily sedated. His face will change shape if he lissseiegh. They also said he had a medication labotomy why are the illuminati getting away with this under our noses he was trying to warn us what's going on n I've believed it since mj tried to warn us. The authority's the honest ones need to do something xxx

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