Justin Bieber + Lara Stone – Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015

The latest Calvin Klein Jeans campaign has been directed by Johan Renck and features global superstar Justin Bieber and supermodel Lara Stone.

Justin and Lara wear key jeans styles of the season, furthering the iconic brands’ longstanding legacy of bringing fashion and music together.

“Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand and I am excited and honored to become a part of the Calvin Klein brand legacy with this campaign. I have been a longtime fan of the brand and have worn their jeans and underwear for a while, so this is kind of a dream come true,” said Bieber. “This is the beginning of an exciting new year for me, personally and professionally, and being a part of this campaign has been a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

Click here to explore the campaign: calvinklein.com/justin
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18 thoughts on “Justin Bieber + Lara Stone – Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2015”

  1. and they hes gay. haterz got your facts i mean shit correct yet??? justin's not gay or a lesbian.
    justin's a talented amazing guy with a big heart and is real sexy. if anyone wants to talk crap about him nobody cares about u. u have no life. ur jealous of justin. he's got money and fame you wish you had. AND YOU CAN'T EVER BE HIM OR AS GOOD AS HIM.(aimed at the haterz)

  2. Justin looks so good. I love him. ❤️ The people that say, "I never wanna get something of Calvin Klein again"… Please, you even have money to get something of Calvin Klein. 

  3. The black and white concept ok….this one better than when he was alone…but the images still move way too fast. Not sure we know what we're watching when the camara moves so fast from one still and image to the next and it's blinding too.

  4. I got nothing against him, but anyone decent on the drums knows that that is suck ass drumming. Most guys probably don't like him because girls like him so much, honestly from anything I've seen (not that I follow him lol) he seems like a decent bloke, most males probably hate him out of jealously, I have enough confidence in myself to not be jealous of someone, but apart from that, very average drumming

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