Justin Bieber – Calvin Klein Underwear Spring 2015

The latest Calvin Klein Underwear campaign has been directed by Johan Renck and features global superstar Justin Bieber.

Justin wears key underwear styles of the season, furthering the iconic brands’ longstanding legacy of bringing fashion and music together.

“Calvin Klein is such an iconic brand and I am excited and honored to become a part of the Calvin Klein brand legacy with this campaign. I have been a longtime fan of the brand and have worn their jeans and underwear for a while, so this is kind of a dream come true,” said Bieber. “This is the beginning of an exciting new year for me, personally and professionally, and being a part of this campaign has been a fantastic opportunity and experience.”

Click here to explore the campaign: calvinklein.com/justin
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16 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – Calvin Klein Underwear Spring 2015”

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