Justin Bieber | Best Moments – Show Eletrizante | Purpose Tour – Seattle (09/03/2016)

Primeiro show da Purpose Tour, Justin cantando e dançando em Seattle – Washington, sua primeira etapa, tocando para um publico gigante de fãs, amando ou odiando você não pode negar o seu dom para a musica, show eletrizante.

1- Mark My Words
2- Where Are You Now
3- I’ll Show You
4- The Feeling
5- Boyfriend
6- Love Yourself
7- Been You
8- Company
9- No Pressure
10- As Long As You Love Me
11- Children
12- Baby
13- Sorry


30 thoughts on “Justin Bieber | Best Moments – Show Eletrizante | Purpose Tour – Seattle (09/03/2016)”

  1. Justin is not only talented and kind hearted but he's an amazing performer and such a hard worker, hes constantly working his hardest and a lot of people dont notice that, hes makes so many people happy

  2. I hear ppl ask why he's always lipsyncing…. and when I hear ppl say he has a weak voice and that's why….. it's not, his voice is amazing when he tries. he lipsyncs bc he puts on a show… he dances and gets on harnesses he does things that u have to conserve ur energy so u have the energy when u SING for real….

    I'm staying facts no matter how much u think I'm not, I AM! imagine singing while dancing Hip Hop and Popping N locking…. DONE H8 APPRECIATE

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