Justice Or Else – 10.10.15 – Million Man March 2015 Anniversary

Justice Or Else is the call of Faith leaders, youth leaders, activists, youth and elders as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan announced the 20th anniversary commemoration of the Million Man March to be held October 10, 2015 in Washington, D.C.

Justice Or Else – The Million Man March 20th Anniversary is to be held on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on October 10, 2015.

For more information on the Justice or Else Movement, go:

Website: http://www.justiceorelse.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/justiceorelse
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MillionManMarch20th


20 thoughts on “Justice Or Else – 10.10.15 – Million Man March 2015 Anniversary”

  1. its unbelievable that this march hasn't gotten more views or coverage…and i don't mean mainstream coverage. i know its not gonna get that.
    really like what Farrakhan said here. I just don't want blacks and other non-whites to start looking at the WHOLE white race as inferior or evil. That is only going to cause fear-instilled white people to feel threatened and more separated, which will cause more white supremacy. we don't need that. we just need equality.
    However, the blacks as a whole do have more community than the whites. That is definitely a superior element. Why? because they've been through a fucking storm together. Whites as a whole haven't, so they have to create little groups to establish a community.

  2. every nation has done horrible things not just america duhhh. people know about genocide happens all the time. he didnt mention rapes of men wemon and children all the time done leagaly everday. thank god in america if you black, white or red you still would go to jail for rape or murder or any other crimes. im a clear example of white ppl go to jail and had my back tooth knocked out by the police…. you know what i learned???? Next time do resist the officer command. if i fought back even more i may have been shot. so ppl please understand its about all ppl and we are treated fairly under our law. its the law enforcers that need to be trained on being human.

  3. im white and had back tooth knocked out for not getting out of my car during traffic stop with babby in car. im 24 male and white. so sir why do you sound uplifting then want to kill white folks? in othwr speeches you call for that. im just a human to that wants equal for all to. i hate racism and sir in my humble estimation this is such.

  4. Brothers and Sisters, please ignore these sambo coons, and these white crackers on here, that are on here trying to detour you from what's really important. fuck these coons and these ass hole prick bitch crackers. Just stay focused on the objective, of justice or else.

  5. The rally burns in my soul the movement moves every boy to man girl to women the embody of thy spirit travels every land every continent the time is now for Greatness to change the evil suppressor of this world All Praise's to Allah God for I was brought fourth from the ground of clay skin of bronze eye's of fire hair as wool as branches of the tree of life the first to breath life and the last of life

  6. Wow, alot has changed since the first march, I was in it, playing a small part in the DC local organizing committee. The organizing committee in DC tried to become something of a collective group but it withered away because of neglect, conflict, lack of money, etc. I wasn't sure really what the first one was about. In a historical context OJ was fresh in people's heads, the East Coast/West Coast rap feud was happening, and the LA Uprising just happened 2 years prior. Crack and gangs were all over. The right wing hate groups (including the survivalists and the Neo Nazis) were getting more confrontational. Farrakhan tried to cement his role as a black leader, and implored us to get active in our communities, to join something and I joined a bunch of groups. However, I had to deal with some things which were the root of my issues and that was deeper than Farrakhan but I applaud him for bringing people together in '95 and though it seemed like the purpose of the March was lost, it created some good will for a minute. What I would want to see happen this time around is more than ever Farrakhan speaking to this generation to put their guns down, go to school, get active, vote, and live the straight and narrow. I also would like more encouragement of black business. Not only that, I'd like him to reiterate the finer points of the first march. This one seems a bit more confrontational, more anti-establishment than the first one. I don't follow Farrakhan much anymore, never was into the black Muslim movement but don't dis them, but I thought the first March was historical, despite the media slamming it, it was a real event. I don't think the Farrakhan of today can bring it like that, but I will watch and see.

  7. HELLO….MY People I truly Wish that the light will shine what ever your believes Are We are the PEOPLE THIS IS WHAT ARE COURTY NATION….WE HAVE SIT BACK N TAKE N THERE WORDS FOR the same out come time and time again I Look in the eye of all peoples And C the same pain shame that we all Carrie knowing the we are not looking at this in full View its up To Use WE THE PEOPLE…. LIKE IT IS WRITTEN

  8. Thankfully, there is only a very small percentage of people in this country who are IGNORANT enough to believe anything that COMES OUT OF THIS PIECE OF SHIT'S MOUTH

  9. Im with empoweing black people, but if anyone else publicly spoke about race like this, it would look racist. lol The fact that they are allowing this to continue does mean that they feel guilty. See America….You kicked a man when he was down. Eventually this country knew it would have to deal with the consequences. You can only cover up the past for so long before it comes to bite you in the butt. This is just the beginning…

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