Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball – 14-Year Old Stars – Skills Battle 2016

Who is better?
Lamelo Ball is a 5-10, 140-pound Shooting Guard from Chino, CA. He has committed to UCLA Bruins.
Julian Newman is a 5-5, Point Guard from Orlando, FL , Downey Christian High School
Song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mktrWejsaZU


25 thoughts on “Julian Newman VS LaMelo Ball – 14-Year Old Stars – Skills Battle 2016”

  1. Julian will be shit because he's not going to grow and he will have to play against people just as good as him but just taller, put someone good on him not some 5'5 players. SMH no competition

  2. Let me get this straight….you are comparing Julian Newman, a kid who plays for a Christian school with an enrollment of about 300 (K-12 grade!!) to a kid playing for Chino Hills High School with an enrollment of over 3,000!!??? Julian plays against no competition whatsoever in his tiny little Christian school league.
    PR hype….straight BS.

  3. We can't compare someone that's playing tier 1 high school basketball as a starter while someone plays for a tier 2-3 high school basketball as a starter….

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