Johnny Depp & Lawrence Krauss: Finding The Creativity In Madness (OFFICIAL) – (Part 01)

Join Golden Globe winner and renowned actor, producer, author and musician Johnny Depp and Origins Project director Lawrence Krauss for An Origins Project Dialogue, Finding the Creativity in Madness.

This dialogue is associated with a closed scientific workshop in partnership with the National Institutes of Health held to spark discussions of big, unanswered questions on how the brain and machines process patterns, aimed at understanding consciousness, intelligence, and madness.

This on stage discussion focuses on the humanity of madness, revealing Depp’s experience and creative method as an actor who has portrayed such eccentric fictional and nonfictional characters as Edward Scissorhands, Hunter S. Thompson, Captain Jack Sparrow, and John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester while exploring and unraveling the intricate links between creativity and madness.

Part 02:

Recorded Saturday, March 12, 2016 – 7:00pm

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Video by Black Chalk Productions.


31 thoughts on “Johnny Depp & Lawrence Krauss: Finding The Creativity In Madness (OFFICIAL) – (Part 01)”

  1. What is wrong with Johnny Depp why is he so dark in his soul it is like he is on the brink of committing suicide. This guy needs Jesus and get that demon of depression out of him. No one should go with this kind of oppression.

  2. I'm simply astonished how anyone who, actually looks deep into religion,could still hold onto the ridiculous myths therein. I'm equally as astonished that, these same individuals, refuse to educate themselves to scientific facts.

  3. I understand that Johnny Depp owns the film rights to the book Shantaram, one of my favorites! When or when is he going produce, direct or act (or all 3) in the movie?

  4. schizophrenia is surely a culturally created disorder and surely its not a brain issue that causes it but being part of a toxic life and cultural situation

  5. I truly think Johnny Depp is this sort of sad character in that he has tremendous talent, obvious good looks, but he fights it all the time because he is bitterly sarcastic and incredibly critical of himself and the world around him. It makes him fascinating but as fan you can't help but feel sorry for him because he really doesn't seem happy. This was an awesome discussion, really interesting.

  6. What is it with actors that think they can be painters. I mean anyone can paint, but few can paint well. Jane Seymour ,Tony Curtus, Tony Bennett even Frank Sinatra and Sylvester Stallone paint ,but paint horribly and yet believe they are equal to the likes of Tabor Nagy, Jeremy Mann and Richard schmid( and nobody knows of these great talents). Not even Johnny Depp knows the whereabouts of these true talents. Deep falls back on familiar safe cliche choices that make him sound interesting and "oh so coooool" by saying Jack Karouac, Marlin Brando and Hunter s Thompson..This makes Johnny Depp predictable and boring as hell.He's a good actor! ,but I find there are a lot more interesting creative minds out there like Krauss.

  7. Johnny Depp challenges my heterosexuality … Not only is he sexy and cool as hell (does he age?), he's an incredibly brilliant, intelligent, genuine, unique, brave, sweet, caring and just overall incredible guy. Lawrence is right; we are lucky to have him. We're lucky to have Lawrence too. Truly inspiring. Also, Johnny's voice is like honey and wine.

  8. Krauss coming off as desperate? The shoes, the interjections, the not subterfuge, but.. pretense? For the love of christ's cockring, sitting next to a mostly formed human being must be horrendously intimidating. Envy in the way you wouldn't wish on your antithesis, but still wish for a taste. No?

  9. Am I the only one who fell asleep listening to this? Lawrence, why do you have to suck up to him? Quite annoying!

    Anyway, if you wanna watch it, let me save you some time. Play it x1.25 or even x1.5 the speed.

  10. Why is Krauss interviewing Depp? Why damn it. It's like Einstein interviewing Charlie Chaplin, kind of – that would have been cool. Everything is ego. I'll sign off now. Bye.

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