29 thoughts on “Jim Rickards: The Great Currency Shock of 2016 (from live feed)”

  1. rickards you're like listening to some freaking computer .if its snowing where you are go out and throw some dam snowballs and crack a freaking smile dickhead

  2. O.k. for those of you uneducated about the real behavior of people during economic collapse. Let me explain something to you. ..After an individual misses several meals they get severe headaches. They are weak and disorientated and loose all motivation for any physical activity whatsoever. There is a very very very small window of opportunity to become this vicious Rambo character your dreaming about to go and breakdown doors and steal food. When the average person realizes whats happening to them its too late. Sickness and then death occurs quite rapidly. 

  3. All great until it became a sales pitch, that's when you know you gotta get out and go the opposite way. What Saudi depeg? Things going as they should

  4. His secret ETF ended up having a big rally and the readers lost thier money – just in case anyone was curious what happened. Although, the saudi's didn't de-peg their currency yet so the instrument is moving like it normally would.

  5. Can someone answer me this. Couldn't the Saudis come into agreement with other OPEC nations, lower production keep prices at about $45 – $50 a barrell, force U.S. rigs to plunge, weather out the storm untill then and thereby solidfy the market? I mean I realize they don't want their last dollar reserves to leave, but if other oil producting countries agree to lower production it will increase the price of oil and the Saudis can maintain the peg.

    They may overshoot at first or undershoot, but eventually the price will be right where it is economically infeasible for the U.S. to produce and still economically viable for the Saudis to continue to produce. When I say U.S., I'm obviously refering to shale production not normal production of oil.

  6. strange, Jim Rickards has a deep, and long-standing hatred of Iran. He previously insisted that Iran would be attacked by either Israel or the US, and insists on painting Iran as an aggressor in the Mid East. imo this bias colours his analysis and has led to some wrong conclusions.

  7. I Like most of what Jim is saying but it feels strange to recommend buy options for from a country surrounded by enemies in the middle of the desert. Even if Saudi Arabia has oil, and even if that oil bounces back, SA will need a strong ally so that they can be safe.

    It would be even harder to export that oil if they are surrounded….
    From the unpegging point of view it makes sense, but im not so sure geopolitics wont tank SB.

    There is one thing I was positively impressed that Jim said: Having money is a problem.
    Very few people who have little money (not poor, just regular folk) would agree with this view.
    The reason why I like him saying that is because most people would ridicule that claim, so by making it you are exposing yourself to high amount of criticism, and that is something few people have the guts to do publicly, because it can impact negatively your client base.

  8. Iv'e said it before and i'll say it again…..I wish Jim was my dad , because i would not be in the position i'm in now.
    I played the cards i was dealt badly and made huge mistakes , but i had no one to guide me
    Your not too old to adopt me jim , i'm only 55 years old with low miles on the clock and a fresh brain ready to learn , and i'm potty trained.
    I am also willing to start off as your tea boy jim , give me a call.

  9. Do you think this etistist insider Pentagon stooge might have an agenda to disseminate disinformation?
    He's a fascist US government mouthpiece, so take his absurd bloviations with a couple grains of salt, if you even bother to listen.

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