January Rabbit Cage Tour 2017

New door on the cage! I also do this cage tour quite different.. It reminds me of my old videos 😛 I hope you liked it always! Loft Bed: …

by StormyRabbits

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31 thoughts on “January Rabbit Cage Tour 2017”

  1. also, the thing with water bowls versus bottles is that i find my bunny using her water bowl to dip her paws in when she is grooming herself….it's very cute and bowls are much healthier in my opinion

  2. please please please reply. when litter training do you still use blankets because that say to pick up the poo and put it in the litter tray and they say to wipe up the wee with some kitchen roll and put that in the litter tray.knowing this I don't know how you would wipe it up from fleeces/blankets as the order would still be on the blanket.

  3. omg I love the diy cage! I'm fairly new at having a pet bunny, I am loving it! I spoil the heck out of him, I have a male dwarf rabbit. he is about 6 months old now. when we first got him we got a fairly large guinea pig style cage, because the only other cage the store had available was a bit larger than needed at the time however I did just upgrade to the style and size cage as they recommended. I'm considering getting another bunny in the near future. but I would like to get one like a Holland flop (or floppy eared) but wasn't sure if that was recommended…?? or if they might or might not get along…??? please any suggestions would help!

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