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Author : LadyReptile
Here are all my current reptiles. Thanks for watching and please subscribe and leave a like 🙂 Music: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads/get-your-love.


29 thoughts on “JANUARY 2017 REPTILE ROOM TOUR! 30 REPTILES!”

  1. Is your skink social? I've always liked them, especially the morphs. I'm looking for a social reptile that will hang out with me. I'm taming a Tokay so it's time for a sweetie.

  2. I loved your animals and the way you are keeping them. The little crested geckos are adorable. Last year I hatched my first reptiles as well, leopard geckos. If the savannah monitor bites you, just don't pick him up too much and let him walk alone on the floor. Many animals don't like to be picked up, and that might be understandable. IN my experience, usually arboreal or at least climbing species are best for handling. If the box turtle is chinese, expect many defects as many of them are wild-caught.

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