Jamiroquai – Cloud 9

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Author : JamiroquaiVEVO
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36 thoughts on “Jamiroquai – Cloud 9”

  1. He's still got it all. The funky groove, the voice, even the dance moves. Nice to have him back… Sorry Bruno, you're good too, but there's only one Jay Kay.

  2. Loved Jamiroquias music since the mid 90s, some absolute classics. This is very reminiscent.

    Still think Jay Kay is a monumental cunt of epic proportions, always did. But will always love their music. Don't need to like an artist to like their art.

  3. I saw on youtube Jay Kay live concerts in Verona & Montreux. After that I always wished to visit a concert from him. I couldn't imagine that 2017 is going to be a so good year for me. In my hometown I will see him on nov. not only that. New album. THANK YOU JAY KAY. I am 26 yrs old today and I prefer JAY KAY / Depeche Mode (also I will see them on June) a million times more than every bullshit like myley cirus, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Ariane Grande and more…

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