[IQ Exclusive] Political Dialogue @ NUSS: General Election 2015

New electoral boundaries were recently announced, signalling that the next general election is just around the corner. Opposition parties have already cried foul over changes to electoral boundaries, and pertinent issues regarding transportation and CPF remain on the tip of every Singaporean’s tongue. With General Election 2011 termed a “watershed election”, the upcoming tussle for Singaporeans’ votes will no doubt be a national event.

Find out what all the 10 political parties have to say in this discussion.

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20 thoughts on “[IQ Exclusive] Political Dialogue @ NUSS: General Election 2015”

  1. If I am not mistaken, LKY way of governance is not based on democracy.

    Now Singapore has prospered, I am wondering whether a democratic governance will be good for the country in view of our multi racial society. Of course, democracy is most welcomed.

    Just imagine there is freedom of expression without responsibility like in USA and Europe.
    Are we really ready for this change ?

  2. so Simple to win an ELECTORAL SEAT — why have a gun need to do SERVICE< no service or ask singapore lady to join the army for 2 years EACH, no RELIGIOUS COSTUME — that is the influx

  3. Why did PAP send someone who couldn't answer most of the questions raised? Is it because they dont think this debate is important or so they could use her "lack of experience" as a reason to shun questions they dont want to answer? And I have to say, Sim Ann seems to take the questions too personally. These are genuine questions people wants to know. It's not about you personally, if the parliament had another majority party, they would have to endure questions too from the people they SERVE.

  4. I felt like slapping this bitch Sim Ann! She is lying without shame! Even the audience where laughing at her reply about population control! I hate about how she throw smoke about inter-national, terrorism….issue like what LHL had spoken. PAP still thinks that Singaporeans are so daft and cannot understand these issues!

    Paul speaks little, but what he say is substance! Hope to see him in parliament!

    Viswa Sadasivan is the perfect moderator!

  5. I will prefer if the opposition parties to provide more viable solutions to these concerning issues rather than questioning and criticizing them proposed by pap.. let us decide based on your proposals on who to vote…

  6. i think they are all clueless on how to solve our current economic problems.
    more or less fts ? or no fts? jee say is far left, and some in the middle.
    all talking big on democracy. how do you build democratic institutions independent of any political party?
    wish we have another dr goh or winsemius. the pap is just as clueless, worse it has lost its soul and its way.

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