Introduction & Explore to AngularJS at 2015

AngularJS Tutorials Course: Introduction & Explore to AngularJS course created at 2015-1-21 by Jump Start
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If you liked the Introduction to AngularJS session in the Single Page Applications with jQuery or AngularJS course, roll up your sleeves for even more coding fun! Back by popular demand, experts Stacey Mulcahy and Christopher Harrison show you how to leverage the built-in functionality of AngularJS in your workflow.

Take a look at the most useful AngularJS tasks, and step through the construction of a simple application to explore the compelling features of the framework, including Directives, Databinding, Expressions, and Filtering. Plus, learn about taxonomy, language, structure, and more. Check out this informative AngularJS course!

[00:00:00] Getting Started: About AngularJS, Binding, and Modules
Explore what Angular is, and look at its defining features and functionality as a framework. See how it works, and get started creating the first Angular building block (the module).

[00:53:42] Angular Controllers
Learn about Angular controllers, what they are, when you use them, and how to create them, along with using multiple and/or nested controllers.

[01:46:32] Expressions & Filters
Look at expressions and filters in Angular, and explore the capabilities and creation of a custom filter.

[02:27:07] Directives
Look at Directives, one of the unique features of Angular. Find out what they are, how to use them, and how to create a custom one.

[03:04:11] ​Routing, View Management, and UI-Router
Since most frameworks have routing capabilities, get a look at the built-in capabilities Angular provides for routing, plus explore an external library UI-Router for view management.​

[03:40:31] Factory, Provider, Services
Understand the basic differences between providers, services, and factories. See how to load an external json file and how to grab the data from a server.

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19 thoughts on “Introduction & Explore to AngularJS at 2015”

  1. I watched for starting 30 mins. It looks like I need to learn AngularJS first before starting this video. So much technical in starting for beginners. I found another tutorial Learn and Understand AngularJS more helpful.

  2. damn….I don't have all day…stop talking about how hot the coffee was yesterday…blah blah…let's get to it. I don't mind elaboration and different point of views, but muddy it up with off topic talks just grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. I understand the structure of this framework. Where do I actually go to learn how to code things from scratch? I am completely lost when they are are walking through the details of the logic.

    Or do most programmers typically just search for the code on the Google and cut,paste & manipulate code to fit their own particular needs?

  4. Thanks for creating this class/course. I've had it in the background all day, but I'm planning on doing a serious session based on this class/course in the next days – weekend coming up.

  5. Hello, I have one question. (I am new to Angular)
    Am I able to create html dynamically via PHP that Angular can use?
    For example:
    <?php echo "<td><input value='{{json.fetchedName}}'></td>" ?>

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