Infinity Ward Behind the Scenes 2016 – Call of Duty® Heritage

Infinity Ward is the original studio behind the Call of Duty franchise. That heritage means a great deal to us. This year we’re working on the next iteration of the critically-acclaimed and globally successful Call of Duty series. We have fresh and familiar faces, talented people striving to make the greatest video games possible. Meet the new Infinity Ward.

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42 thoughts on “Infinity Ward Behind the Scenes 2016 – Call of Duty® Heritage”

  1. Like seriously, get bent , I can't believe you idiots are this fkn stupid to think we are as dumb as you are, like, space, yah, its realistic, yah, like i'm going to be there..LOOLOLOLOLOOOL.

  2. LOL omg like, seriously? you guys at this company must be high on real cheap street drugs to think any cod player is going to ever buy your garbage damage control attempt, its already too late, pls post on facebook pics of you all on the unemployment line, good luck.

  3. "Super Realistic"

  4. I only disliked this video coz you cunts care abso-fucking-lutely nothing about the heritage of COD, these dipshits are not fans whatsoever and were only hired on a qualification basis

  5. Let me try agen, I am a COD player scene 5 so I never had a carter just reset when I was playing it. All I wunt is on COD:BO1 is to have my Ghost Pro, Nina pro, warlord pro, tomahawk deccoy, camera Spike M16 with all attachments, and ballistic knives. Please do this, please. I am 14, I am Zachary Stitt. Washington Headliners 4-H club. ps I am sorry for my rants erleer.

  6. If you make cod for the fans you better start listening!!! (Hint hint)BF1 will have the top sells this year because they listen to there fans we ask for boots on the grond and ww2 gameplay. All I'm trying to say is stop be money hungry for sells and make us a boots on the ground, no Exo shit bull shit. And don't you ever say cod has not changed from MW. Open your damn eyes before you go broke

  7. I think it sucks to have another future call of duty but it should be given a chance I mean this company is the one who made all the modern warfare games and the gameplay looks like modern warfare and they said that there is a flying thing in multiplayer but they also wanted to keep the core call of duty in this game

  8. Hey infinity ward guess what the infinite warfare trailer has almost 3 million dislikes because you, sledgehammer games, and Activition do not listen to the fan base sure we might of said he wanted a futuristic game but we only wanted one just to change things up we did not want 3 futuristic games we are already tired of it and its becomeing a non since and i think all the other 3 million people agree with me yea we are but the game thats because we only want the Cod 4 remastered please i beg of you stop with futuristic bullshit and go back to the originals.

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