20 thoughts on “In Need of Wisdom – Nouman Ali Khan – Gulf Tour 2015”

  1. Nouman Ali Khan …

    I so much appreciate you, for saying that it was first you blame yourself, and then you blame the Umah. You put yourself responsible of understanding wisdom, and THEN others. Which is the right thing to do.
    But we also have to watch out for each other and spead the word of g-d.

    I am from Los Angeles. And I was presented to the word of g-d, also through some righteous people, and see my situation, my story very simular to your story and how you came to learn the Quran, Islam, and doing the will of g-d.

  2. As Salaamualeikum, Ustadh Nouman Khan I remember you from your Mom who taught us Urdu in Frankfurt when we all were small. The whole time I told myself it is you because of your nose ☺. When you said you were in Germany it confirmed only. Our Moms were good friends and my sis visited you guys in Queens 20 yrs ago. Please contact in sha Allah.

  3. Bro Nouman
    I'm a confused kid. I know that you and Bro Yasir Qadhi are buddies but the thing I can't get is that you say that Aqeeda doesn't exist but Bro Yasir says it does and he also studies it. So, tell me who's right and who's wrong so I go from being a confused kid to being a dawah kid… :)

  4. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmato allah wa taalla wa barakatuh
    Such wise words !!
    I am glad to heart that ! Jazaka allah khairan wa katabaho fi mizane hassanatik
    May allah guide us to the straight path by purifying our soul with Iman.

  5. As-salamu `alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh (May Allah's Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!
    Araaaaayy BABA where where YOU ……………….so long time its urgent need to our UMMA great great TOPIC pls help to our all thoughts of ISLAMIC School .ITS EMERGENCY NOW TO OUR UMMAHA

  6. bismiallah machallah…
    The respectable brother Nouman Ali has amazed me with the way he approached and prepared the topic..beautiful parables and analogies used to aid the understanding. excellent life experiences to illustrate the subject. hundreds of small ideas he touched upon, if observed enough could change our attitude to the best.
    His delivery is very spontaneous and not rigid.
    let me Put it this way, I love the Islamic discourse, I learn from the likes of respectable doctors and scholars such as adnaan Ibrahim, Ali eljafri, tariq ramadan, omar el kafi, salman elouda, amro khaled, mostapha mahmoud/ husni and many more…today inchallah, you are added to the list, because like other I can see and feel that l have learned from you and understood something to a higher extend. may Allah protect you and give you more knowledge and wisdom and all those who want to please allah in the guidance of others. and may Allah guide me to his wisdom where ever it is found.
    may Allah bless the humanity in general and those who strive to be spiritual humans not just animalistic.
    و صلى اللهم على محمد و على جميع اﻻنبياء و المرسلين و آلهم و أصحابهم و من تبعهم بإحسان إلى يوم الدين. و الله أكبر و لله الحمد.

  7. Such a beneficial video.
    For sure as much as we strive hard to learn about islam we should try to be kind to others and the way we talk and deal with people.
    We should have good manners and attitudes towards others
    Jezakallah khair for this video

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