Impressions of LG’s Super-Thin 4K OLED “Wallpaper” TV – CES 2017

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We check out LG’s insanely thin OLED W-Series TV. It’s as thin as an iPhone! Here’s what we thought. Catch up on Everything CES 2017 here!


35 thoughts on “Impressions of LG’s Super-Thin 4K OLED “Wallpaper” TV – CES 2017”

  1. Why would you need a TV that's less than 3mm for $8000, when you can get a LG 4K OLED TV for $2000 less, that's 2", or is that way too thick? Edit: 25% brighter? Fine! If that's what you want I'll make a TV that's as bright as the sun, it'll blind you!

  2. So why is it still relatively thick if its only the display? Just came to me when he held the phone next to it. A tablet is also as thin as an iPhone. So scaling that up to TV size i wonder what's in this OLED panel? Sony had an experimental OLED screen on exhibition and it was truly just as thick as 2-3 credit cards stacked.. or was this an editing error and they showed a different TV model?

  3. Dear TV manufacturers: Instead on focusing so much on being obsurdly thin, how about focusing on more functional things we actually care about. Heres a good idea of what I'd gladly spend my entire income tax return on: Virtually non existent input lag, very high refresh rates, lots of inputs, modern AND retro gaming friendly with much better support for sub 4K signals as well as the best possible picture and sound quality that isnt even slightly compromised due to you guys trying to achieve credit card level thickness.
    After achieving that I don't see why you guys shouldn't at least implement Freesync either. At least that gimmick is free to implement and it would actually be a billion times more useful than most of the other gimmicks you like to tack on. I don't mind my big screen TV not being super thin cuz guess what? Its literally going to stay in the same spot until I move out or replace it regardless! I really want to see what you guys are capable of when you aren't holding yourselves back with redundant things. Next year I hope to see some more functional, durable displays.

  4. It is great that the $8000 TV comes with a speaker because people who  buy $8000 TVs won't already have a home theater.   Best of all even if you already have one you HAVE to keep it near the TV since the boys at LG shoved all the electronics into the speaker instead of putting them in a standard receiver or BD sized box that would fit in any cabinet or rack.

  5. Hey, sorry about the lady-bending-TV thumbnail everyone! Our video editor mistakenly chose this thumbnail, which we agree is misleading. No intention for clickbait. We're getting this changed! Thanks.

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