46 thoughts on “IDIOT Drivers, Ultimate Retarded Drivers Fails, Extreme Driving Fails January 2017”

  1. It must cost a lot of money for car insurance in Moscow!  Or do they even have insurance?  They obviously do not require driver's licenses or driver tests before getting a car and hitting the road.  They drive like they are suicidal and want to take as many other people as they can with them.  Glad I don't have to drive there!

  2. I think a lot of people need to watch these. On my way to class this morning, I was almost in accidents with 3 different cars because they don't pay attention, make stupid decisions, and are impatient

  3. do these idiots have an insurance for what they do day by day? Dear president, please build up the wall not in Mexico but in Russia, we cannot allow to have these MF in other countries

  4. I can now see why Russian drivers all seem to have cameras. A large portion of the population don't seem to know how to drive! No wonder the Russians are so good at rebuilding cars!

  5. The crashes are too fast!! too much heavy editing. Myself I enjoy the slow build-up of cars speeding along………and trying to spot the idiot before it becomes obvious.

  6. i really dont understand the drivers of head on collisions. what were they doing?sleeping,texting or getting bj. for fuck sake use breaks, or look where you going, or common sense. damn. hope those idiots dont reproduce.

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