“I want to bring NiP back to where it belongs” GeT_RiGhT at MLG Major 2016 @OssicVR

We’ll be at the MLG Major March 29th through April 3rd all thanks to OSSIC. OSSIC are developing the worlds first headphone featuring true 3D audio, the OSSIC X. For more information on what they’re doing be sure to check them out at https://goo.gl/qsthcy

00:20 “How did you like the event, compared to the other major events that have taken place in Europe?”
00:45 “Any take away that other tournament organizers should consider for their event?”
02:10 “Did you think CSGO was going to be a big game or did you switch because you thought 1.6 was done?”
04:08 “Were you ever at a point in CSGO where you wanted to quit – there just wasn’t enough money to justify playing?”
05:40 “Was 87-0 your biggest achievement in CSGO?”
07:00 “Did you guys spend a lot of time trying to predict the change of the meta during your streak?”
09:45 “What do you have to say about people that judge a player strictly based on their stats?”
12:42 “Was it a worry, picking up a new player (Allu) and teaching them how to AWP?”
13:36 “Did Allu being the only non-Swedish player to ever play on NiP have to do with his departure?”
15:20 “Do you think American culture & lifestyle influences the bonds they have in teams?”
17:15 “Where did Pyth get his name?”
17:39 “How did you Visa issue occur?”
18:55 “Did you have concerns about Threat’s performance coming into the major?”
20:20 “Do you feel you’re suddenly back in form? Is there more motivation right now?”
22:00 “Have you ever considered resigning in late terms of CSGO?”
22:30 “What does it take to be great?”
24:20 “Do you think it’s best to take a break or play through it when you’re in a slump?”
25:25 “The future of NiP”
26:29 “Thoughts on Threat being a coach regarding his position as a CSGO player”
26:49 “Is there anything you keep in your play style from your 1.6 days?”

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21 thoughts on ““I want to bring NiP back to where it belongs” GeT_RiGhT at MLG Major 2016 @OssicVR”

  1. The dude who interviews seems so ignorant and not interested at all. For fuxxsake its GT you got to interview, drop the phone and stop being a lil'bitchboy

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